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Available Acts Roster

Entertainment Express Roadshow - A night full of entertainments for everyone. Hosted by 'the host with the most' Mick Mangham the night starts off with some light hearted comedy then Chazz G takes to the stage and gets everyone warmed up with sounds of the 60's/70's. The night is then finished off with the Soulmates who perform some of the finest songs for the Motown era.....

Entertainment Express Train - A night of 'music and laughter'. Hosted by 'the host with the most' Mick Mangham and music from the 60's/70's performed by the one and only Chazz G - This night will keep you entertained throughout the evening with many laughs on the way.

Chazz G - Let Chazz G take you back in time with a fantastic tribute to the 'golden era' that was the 60's/70's

Mick Mangham - Know as the 'host with the most' Mick is by far the most value for money compare on the circuit. Mick keeps the audience entertained and is ideal for various events including corporate, parties, sportsman's dinners and charity nights